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Social Security hearings are very different than regular judicial hearings. This is especially evident in the setting of the Social Security hearing room. A Social Security hearing room is very similar to a boardroom, with the exception that there may be official signage, including the signet of the Social Security Administration or the American flag. Even though this is an informal type setting, you will be most comfortable if you are properly represented and sitting next to your knowledgeable Virginia disability lawyer.

The judge will be seated on a bench behind a small conference table that is a little higher than where you will be sitting and not far away. There will usually be a conference table in front of the bench, and you and your Virginia disability lawyer will typically be seated at the conference table facing the judge. There may also be a desk for the judge’s assistant.

The room will also be equipped with devices to record the contents of your case. Although the microphones are sensitive enough to record normal-toned sounds from anywhere in the hearing room, it is imperative that you speak loudly and clearly. You should also use proper words instead of slang. Moreover, you should refrain from using body language in responding to questions or making comments. For example, nodding your head or pointing with fingers will not be recorded and thus will not become part of the record. Your Virginia disability lawyer will properly advise you with all the necessary information prior to your hearing.

If you’ve been denied Social Security disability benefits at the initial and reconsideration levels, there is still hope for winning on appeal at a hearing before an administrative law judge. Your chances of success increase if you retain an experienced Virginia disability lawyer for your hearing. Contact Virginia disability lawyer David Black today to schedule a free consultation.