Virginia and West Virginia Social Security Disability Video Library

Virginia and West Virginia disability lawyer J. David Black presents this video helping you answer the question, "Am I likely to qualify for disability benefits in Virginia and West Virginia?"

How the Judge Determines Disability in Virginia and West Virginia
Seeking Social Security disability benefits in Virginia or West Virginia but aren't sure if you would be found disabled under the rules of the Social Security Administration? Disability lawyer J. David Black can help. This video explains how judges from the SSA use rules and regulations to determine disability in Virginia, West Virginia, and elsewhere.

Virginia disability lawyer J. David Black knows How You Can Be Persuasive at Your Disability Hearing. Learn the right things to say to help the judge fully understand that you are disabled and need disability benefits.

When you meet with a judge about your disability, you will want to know What Not to Do at Your Hearing. Virginia disability lawyer J. David Black can help you understand some common pitfalls you will surely want to avoid in order to be successful at your hearing.

An important issue any Virginia Social Security disability claimant needs to be aware of is How to Describe Your Daily Activities to the judge. He or she will want to know how your limitations affect you day in and day out. Disability lawyer J. David Black can help you state the facts in the best manner possible.

Many claimants want to know the answer to the question, "Can I work part-time after being found disabled?" J. David Black has the answers you need. Watch the video below to learn about how the Social Security Administration deals with part-time work in disability cases.

Some claimants cannot work because of mental issues like depression, OCD, or nervousness. Find out what to do When You Have Physical Impairments and Mental Limitations.